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content management, visual communication and assortment analysis

Beside actual sales, building a sustainable brand on- and offline is essential. Knowing the habits of your target group makes it easier to chose, which channel and direct approach is more suitable for the product.

verysonia agency is helping your brand to analyze your sales goals and brand appearance and is developing creative content and strategies to reach a sustainable brand awareness. 

Content & Social Media Management

LediBelle is a Swiss based clean beauty brand, who stand out because of their traditional usage of goat milk for cosmetics. Since 1845 whey cure was used to treat sensitive skin problems like neurodermatitis as well as dry spots. LediBelle re-invents years of knowledge and tradition for their small and family owned cosmetic brand. Their products are free of any questionable ingredients and sustainable. Goat whey is an upcycling product from cheese making and 100% natural.


Visit their online shop under


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Digital integration of Business Model

Diese Elli is a new way of integrating retail of exquisite local, Munich based brands into a family owned restaurant business. Two locations, a city and countryside one, two different vibes but the same warm hearted concepts allows her customers to feel home, liked and curious. The cuisine is grounded, local and feels just like home, where the merchandise underlines Bavarian tradition mixed with a little bit of cheekiness. 

Visit Diese Elli Tagesbar, Westenriederstraße 21
80331 München

Strategic realignment & visual communication

Erich Maria Egger Juwelenmanufaktur has been a family owned, Munich based jewelry manufacturer for almost 40 years. In 2020, the younger generation of the family took over parts of the business, focussing on expanding the brands awareness and digital development. EME is specialized on all kind of gemstone designs but also for their “recycling” of old precious pieces into new designs. 

Visit their store Erich Maria Egger, Bahnhofstrasse 108A, 82166 Gräfelfing 


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