Successful sales and a sustainable branding within the market requires a thoughtful strategy, competence and the right marketing mix. Verysonia agency therefore has a network of strong partners to cover all stages and requirements of an outstanding sales and marketing strategy. 

Introducing and positioning a brand within the market requires and ideal composition of all 4 P’s. While verysonia agency is focusing on the strategic sales and marketing development, a successful execution is only possible with the right communication of their USPs and values as well as the optimization of their customers relationship management. 

verysonia agency is teaming competences in creativity and technical designs

When it comes to your sales and strategic branding strategy, we are the the link between all the needed parties. You communicate only with us; we have the “big picture” in mind, and take care of the rest. 


We are teaming core competences in sales and marketing and in different industries to successfully implement your companies branding strategy. Together with our partners, we can realize projects together in the following areas: 

  • Content production for all online channels

  • Photo- and videography of your products

  • Graphic design for print and digital

  • Web design and SEO optimization of your website

  • Performance marketing to boost your online sales


Influencer and content manager – Munich/ Berlin


Creative content and social media insider knowledge: being a full time influencer for nearly a decade dennmitch has a sharp eye for aesthetics and design, knows customer behavior and is a creative partner in visual marketing for fashion and lifestyle products.

Über mich

verysonia agency steht für eine klassische Vertriebsagentur in Kombination mit strategischer Beratung entlang der Wertschöpfungskette im Modehandel.