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Sonia Langenbacher


Practice what you preach

When I started working in retail 7 years ago, the first thing I learned from my boss at that time is “retail is detail!”. She was right! 7 years later and observing the development of the retail business proves it even more.

Retail has changed over the past years. Information is easily accessible to all kind of people. E-commerce has challenged a lot of businesses to stay competitive. The classic retail point of sales became more and more a place where customers enjoy an extraordinary brand  and customer experience beside just the purchase. For years now E-Commerce was seen as “the enemy”, stealing sales from classic retail point of sales. Multichannel strategies are needed today to ensure an extraordinary experience using on-and offline point of sales as well involving technologies. 

Beside switching to multichannel strategies, also the challenge is also to attract clients and make your retail store more interesting. I believe in an assortment variation aiming a 70/30 percentage. 70% relevant, already established brands, and 30% inspirational brands, that are unknown and need to be discovered. 

Working 7 years for, at this time, an owner-managed luxury jewelry company, building the US retail market, then switching to a small Munich based shoe start-up and building the market here is what I truly love. I love retail and to discover new brands and innovative products. 

I started verysonia agency because I want to specialize on seeking new brands, new technologies and trends, new ways to build a strong relationship with your customers. Retail is alive and I can help you improving your sales the “verysonia way”.


verysonia acting as a classic sales agent for young and upcoming as well as established brands focusing on premium and high end products.

verysonia is consulting your market entry, social media and communication strategy as well as improving your customer experience journey.

Adapting new technologies along your customer experience journey to stay competitive in the digital world.

Point of sale retail analysis as well as secret shopping to improve your in-store brand experience and customer journey. 

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verysonia agency stands for a classic sales agency combined with retail related consulting along the value added chain in fashion retail.