Revolutionizing Retail


verysonia: /ˈvɛrisoʊnjɑ/ f.; adj.

1 individual who loves retail 2 intent to revolutionize retail & sales strategies 3 introducing extraordinary brands 4 creative, innovative and visionary mind

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Seeking extraordinary brands and revolutionizing retail experiences

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Inconic Monaco Ducks Sneaker

I am seeking brands, with iconic looks and a new approach to sustainability and design. I am also giving young and upcoming brands the opportunity to grow through extraordinary marketing. 

Are you looking for an agent, who is an expert in sales and will help you grow your business nationally and internationally?

Modern interpretation of tradition with FederRock

Consulting along the supply chain for unique customer experiences in retail

A unique product portfolio and extraordinary customer experience are the retail success factors for the future.

Looking for support in analyzing KPIs of your retail store, improvement of your digital appearance and marketing of your store all to improve the customer journey and increase sales numbers?

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verysonia agency stands for a classic sales agency combined with retail related consulting along the value added chain in fashion retail.